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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 22, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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this is al jazeera. >> hello there, this is the fuse hour live from london. coming up, yemen's president and government resign and mass as the country descends into political chaos. he talks to rebuild trust between the u.s. and cuba continue in havana, but both sides admit it will take time. a bus is destroyed and 13 kills. and cash injection the euro zone is told to expect an nick shot in the arm valued at one
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and a quarter trillion dollars. welcome to the news hour, the president of yemen has resigned along with the prime minister and his entire government. been locked in a political battle with shia rebels who on tuesday took near control over the capitol. the prime minister and the cabinet have handed in their resinated saying they don't want to be party to what is happening in their troubles country. he decided to give into dend mas by agreeing to a power sharing deal the rebels had continue to surround the palace essentially confine it is embattled leader to his home. between the president and houthis representatives to try and find a solution to the
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political crisis. hundreds of activists rallies from the fighters taking to the streets against the storming of the presidentble palace, as well as the president's only private resident earlier we spoke to a special correspondent who we are not naming and asked him what the latest developments mean. >> over the existing uncertainty, and people will be extremely extremely worried, you have a number of worrying parties you have the shia houthis fighters, and at least nine provinces they didn't control the capitol over the last two days they controlled it last year in september, so they are the more powerful force. you have also the supporters of the former president who is very very influential. he had huge influence over the tripe and the anywhere tear
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and the third party you have the arabian peninsula. all of that is a recipe for disaster and it is a big worry for everyone in this country. >> joining us now with the latest is al jazeera middle east correspondence. obviously a lot has happened in the last four hours and really since tuesday let's take it step by step, as of yesterday, there was this agreement on the table between the houthiss and the president, the president as we understand it agrees to their dend mas and then the houthies again from what we understand didn't quite live up to their side of the deal, do we know why that wouldn't happen? they wanted to stage a coupe could have done that straight away. >> and president has to realize by staying in power while the houthiss are the ones that pull the strings is going to defeat his power base and the popular support that he enjoys in different areas
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particularly in the sought yesterday the houthies said that they were happy with the power deal, they with the agreement but at the same time, they wanted to implement all of theiren cans, their leader when he was talking about the president he was describing hill as a liar. as a construct man as an agent of the west, this is something in the arab world that is seen as an act of ultimate humiliation for a president of a state. i think this is why it took the decision to resign, a decision which was taken at the same time to step aside very delicate situation but this is something that pulls the rug from under the feet of the houthies. they will end up being in a critical situation, what happens next? that one of their leaders was quoted as saying a full
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military council but many made it clear they would not accept a council chair by the houthies. >> so the situation now presumably, do we know what is happening? who is in charge, or is anyone planning anything? well the houthies said they are now in talks with tribal leaders, political parties and military commanders, to form a military council in the the coming hours military council which will be holden politically speaking to the houthis leader. so by the end of the day it's going to be a houthis controls of northern yemen an area that interested from saudi arabia, south of the capitol in a province. but we are seeing the ramification of the talk, reverberating across the country, the countries could collapse it could disintegrate if that go ahead
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with their plan to send up a council. the south said today that they will convene to break away from the north we know that they are going to convene in the sea port city, their committees are also ready to convene and meet to come up with a final decision about when they will break away from the north so it is a very delicate situation perhaps the biggest crisis that yemen faces in it's modern history. >> so already there i guess the possibility of a north-south divide what about sectarian differences in the yemen? because obviously this does have a sectarian element to it the houthies being shared the majority of the population being sunni but how key a part do you think that element is? or the situation that we are facing now. >> this is a situation that is going to patter bait the divide which is still there
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the reason why people have high hoped that the election in 2012 would bring a better future for yemen is because he is a sunni from the south for a sunni from the south to be elected this was seen as a symbol of inclusiveness and the willingness by the yemenis to move forward and to set aside differences but now with the houthies forcing hadi out of power, this is seen -- this is going to be seen by sunnies who are about 70% of the population as an act of bedrail an act of humiliation. that's why we have been hearing calls by tribal leaders, powerful commanders to stand ready and united to take up arms against the houthies. if the houthies implement or
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form a military council in the one, the divide is there, it is very explosive the moment it explodes it is just going to create a dissafety and security strouse outcome. middle east correspondent following all the dations for the moment, thank you. meanwhile, the united states has offered on going support for president hadi during the recent unrest. in the last few hours the u.s. state department faced questions over it's position on the developments in the country. >> there's no question that implementation of that by the houthies and taking specific steps including the immediate release of the president chief of staff pulling back of arms anotherty forces, and steps to get yemen's political process back on track are key to emritz cans the success of that. >> i understand that, but that's kind of overtaken by events, there is to government. >> i don't think we look at nit that way we are still
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seeking confirmation, but we are also assessing what that would mean. >> right but you are referring to an agreement that came out yesterday between a government that no longer exists and a rebel force that appears to have control of appears does have control of the capitol so i am wondering how it is that you can continue to support a peaceful transition a transition to what. >> well, matt, again we don't have confirmation of it, we aren't going to jump to conclusions until what it means until we have a confirmation, and we have a time to discuss what it means. of course we continue to have a peaceful transition, there's been dialog that we expect and hope will continue and that's the only way in our view to deescalate the situation on the ground. >> and in terms of the embassy. >> uh-huh. >> what's the status. >> well, as i noted yesterday but it's worth repeating, of course the safety and security of our personnel are
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of paramount poshes. importance. there has been no change in our security posture. >> the u.s. state department spokes woman there now let's go straight to washington d.c., and speak to al jazeera it sounded like the state department playing catch up on this story because developments are happening so fast. just remind us why yemen is so crucial to the u.s.. >> well, it's because the yemen government under president hadi has been a very staunch ally of the u.s.' drone campaign, against members of al quaida in the arabian peninsula you will recall, of course, that the u.s. used drone strikes to kill the spur call leader of u.q.a.p. back in 2011, that was before president hadi came to power but after he came to power, we saw increased number
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of drone attacks that were aided and abetted by the hadi government. the u.s. is very concerned that the country is not going to have a chance to be a stable country in the region, it has been very concerns about the political strains within yemen for some time, but certainly when it comes to counter for error im, that is perhaps the number one concern so now the u.s.' man in yemen if we can say has stepped down the houthis rebels make no secret of their dislike of the united states, what options are open to the u.s.? well, the houthies for example, really don't like the drone strike campaign at all they are very much opposed to it but that's not to say that at some point the u.s. might not be able to figure out how to have a relationship with them if indeed the houthies do take control of power inside
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that country, that is something which the state department and the white house both say that they are trying to assess right now. there's also the concern that because of this political instability, that this might actually give some space as it were for members of a.q.a.p. to strengthen their position in the country and to then coordinate attacks on western interests in particular. the u.s. is very much concerned about the strength and the capability of aqap, which most recently claims responsible for the attacks at the charlie hebdo earlier this month, so this is the kind of situation where the u.s. is going to be looking for anyway possible to help promote stability in this country given the present of aqap. this is all happening so very quickly, that it is very difficult for the obama administration to say exactly what it's policy is beyond
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saying that it does support the right of mr. hadi to continue as president and to call for a yemenis whetherrer this affiliated with his party, or whether the houthies to try to come together and find a political solution to this crisis. >> roz jordan with the latest there, thank you. >> an expert on yemen and he joins us live now from new york, thank you for joining us here first of yawl your reaction to the next recent events. but everything we have seen unfolding. >> i mean it is very clear that the president was forced. it was a planned gradual coup. and as you know, al jazeera lead the telephone call between the houthis leader, was directing the houthiss to basically shut down the
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airport, or to take over the airport, sea ports and create check pointspoints and basically they were behind that, you know, for yemen, it is very clear the vast majority of yemenis and even the political parties in yemen includes the houthies themselves have a road map. the outcome of the national dialog including of the agreements that was signed by all the parties is a very clear road map, so basically they all need to go back to othat. the current situation right now, is a coupe done by the houthis militia but it is important to note here, that the problem between what is happening in yemen is a historical problem. for example, what we call in yes then the north and north where and the northern tribes and we are talking about the region family members and
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tribes, they want to remain in control. they were in control for the past 1,000 years and the republic which is almost like a kinship so they don't want to let power go. they don't want to let the resources go out of their hand so they want to reare main in charge so they keep saying the new federal system is basically a outside plan so divide yemen which is decentralizing the centralize government right now and given all parts of yemen and people of yemen, a stake and a power and the national resource which is people in the north or part of the north don't agree too, it is also important to note that the international community and the international community should take note, that what we face in today in yemen is the result of driven a dictatorship and corrupt
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officials and giving them another free ride to do whey they did today. >> so basically because people's demands were ignores. >> forgive me for interrupting you are speaking to us from new york, we just heard from our washington correspondent what would you suggest the countries like the u.s. do now because it's already a very volatile situation certainly foreign intervention may make it more dangerous. >> well they only control part of the north. they need to support the people as demands. they need to force them to go back to the road map. which is a drafted constitution. agreed by everyone including the houthis so they need to go back to that, and they need to implement that, i don't think that there there's any other way around it, and people neat to start
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implementing the regions and you can see it today in the south, with people decided to announce they will regain the streets, people have taken to the streets. and against the houthies they want their own states and i think this is what needs to be done. it's already a blockade by the gulf countries. they are not sending any economic support. basically two -- by the way two regions or two states from the south are actually the ones that support at least the oil in the south are the ones that supporting the 70% of the yemen budget. so basically, they have to go back and try to negotiate but as right now the vast majorities the picture is clear what has been planned and plotted by the houthies
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which is so take over the country and basically is bring in iran to yemen which is very dangerous to the peace and the security and the whole region. >> i think the u.s. feeds to -- i mean right now, it is a very understanding that they take in a very careful measure but they need to interfere, and top the houthiss from basically dragging the country into a scenarios like syria or iraq. >> joining us from new york, thank you for your views. we will have more on yemen later in the program but also ahead on al jazeera. >> this effort will take time. it will require focus but we will succeed. >> tough talk from the u.s., but iraq's prime minister warning that falling oil revenues could hit his ability to fight the islamic state of iraq. poisessed for victory the
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left wing cities rally support ahead of weekend elections. and australia bid to reach the semifinals of the asian cup and the roast of the sport coming up in the 30 minutes. delegates from cuba and the united states, are sitting down the cuban cop toll for h second day of their talks. secretary of state is leading the u.s. delegation, she is the most senior official to visit cuba in 35 years. the two sides are attempting to lay the ground work for normalizing ties between the two neighbors which have been severed since 1961. in the u.s. city of miami cuban americans are watching the situations very closely around a third of the
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population is cuban many of them fled because they oppose the policies of fidel castro. their reaction to the two nations. >> mime's only independently owned cuban station the phone lines are lighting un, the call in show is a forum for the station's mostly older audience and many aren't afraid to air their opposition. but amidost a garage of calls the station's manager some have more moderate but caution views about what may an in the future. >> perhaps the only positive thing, is that the mantra of the cuban government that the u.s. embargo is the reason for their problems that whole line of reasoning hopefully might fall apart south florida's business community is also looking to the future, trade and an end to the embargo is more realistic now than in the past 50 years.
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two excitement is timbered by the realization that an end will need congressional approval. a move not likely to happen. >> there's a reason this change in relations is being referred to as a fall. any change will be slow in. cooing and goods aren't about to leave this port, and head to havana any time soon. but there is one company here that has seen significant developments since that historic 4 in december. the front reds aring looing super. >> this is the office of the caribbean basin fund a fund that trades under the stock market symbol. for years they have been investigating in companies that. and since december share have had risen. >> i remember the movie jaws, and the actor sees the shark for the first time. and he said we are going to need a bigger boat that's how i felt, we are going to need a
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larger fund. >> the questions about what normalization may mean, remain unanswered. >> i feel bad as an american, and i feel work as a cuban american, because the united states, is the leading country in human rights and fighting for democracy and yesterday we are not dend maaing anything from cuba. >> for this community more than any other move to normalize relations will have a big impact, now most accept it is out of their happens they are paying close attention to what the future holds. miami florida. >> a moment we will spoke to andy in miami again, first though let's cuban capitol savannah, bring us up to date with the latest? what's going on? perhapses what we are getting the sense of, is the announcement normalizing relation was the easy part, the hard part is implementing that. the headline so far here from
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havana after hearing from both sides is that they both agree that the talks have been constructive but they have no sort of hard agreements yet at least none that they are willing to announce. said there are multiple points they brought one the americans two of the key ones are the embargo, that is still in place. the couch bans, of course, want that politely revoked before cuba will really pursue long term dip lo t maic ties with the united states. and also that united states has them on the list of state sponsor terrorism states. that's something they also brought one the americans as well. cubans want off of that list. she said the focus was postally on the u.s. trying to reopen an embassy but she
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said lit be a press interestingly enough, jacobsen said she did bring up the issue of human rights here, but she said flat out that there was clear disagreement between the cubans and the americans on this issue but did not elaborate on that, clearly, both side say the talks have been constructive, but also eight peers this won't be easy and it will take more time. now let's go back to andy in miami, you were just showing us the strength of feeling and the ties between miami and cuba, i guess people there watching these very closely. >> well i think it is worth pointing out that back on december the 17th when this normalization was announced by the obama administration, it took many people here by surprise. it is a de facto place that people go to get reaction.
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i have been living here ten years and i have never seen it quieter, i think they realize that something has to change, and was going to change, and now has and while it is a devisive issue that is desided down lines the older cuban americans younger cube man americans embracing some kind of change, and agreeing that the embargo doesn't work, it's been a mooted reaction, if you speak to people, they aren't watching these talks they aren't taking their day out to watch it piece by piece, they know this will be a long slow and deep process. but i think on both sides those for and against change, they are waiting to see what happened and the one thing i do get from both sides is the u.s. appears to have given a lot to cuba. but what are we going to get back? an gi gallagher in miami thank you. >> still a lot more to come here.
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we will be reporting from the world economic forum on how financial leaders are reacting to the trillion dollar cash injection, into the euro zone. and nine time world champion sebastian make as return to the world rally champion after 15 months away. all the details coming up in sport.
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yemen's president has stepped down. his cabinet has also handed in their resignations. president decided to give into demands of houthis rebels by agrees to a power sharing deal. the rebels have continued to surround the palace. and the cuban capitol of havana for the second die of tear head to head talks.
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after chairing emergency talks between the warring factions. >> i ask everybody to been wise to respect the supreme court interests of yemen and resolve differences through dialog and political solutions. earl yes we spoke the the journalists who said this many are refusing to accept the latest turn of events. as their legal president so it appears all this procedures of coupe and also of the counter revolution, that led by the ousted president and militia and also iran. yemen is now by iran, so we are under the occupation, and
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we refuse all these things and we will be -- we are noun one hand against iran, and we will continue our struggle to take it out iran and militia of houthis, i mow the revolutionary people, the peaceful powers they are discuss and they will announce the a new transitional president council and also temporary government that will lebanese the yemen with coordination with president hadi. >> now we are joins by the journalist who has covered yemen extensively let's take it back, why do you think that the president stood down today. >> well, really, this was a domino effect, so it started
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with the government and the prime minister stepping down, and then hadi was left on his own, this decision, i spoke to the government moments ago and explains this was going to happen and sate the basically they were fed up with being bullies and threatened and what had happened in the last hours is the houthis using violence to get their way and that's what they did do, they got what they wanted by putting the president under siege, by using violence, and this is the only way that the government felt they could say no, we are not happy with this. >> do you think this does catch them on the back foot, if they wanted to just seize power, they could done it back in september, what do you think about the strategy doing this. >> yeah, i think it does put it on the backens that it puts the ball back in their court they are left now with the government has said no, that's it we are done, as you say they could have taken power be
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uh the whole point is that the houthies have wanted power without governing and nower this in a position where they might have to do that, and i think they probably weren't prepared so it puts the ball in their court and now we are in a very different position but it request also from a negotiation tactic, we could find in a couple more days they refuse the resignation and maybe this will all come to a settlement. but of course, in the moment the houthies were left in the back foot. >> i guess the potential for eggs collation is greater talk of break aways as the risk of sectarian tensions, do you think this power vacuum could prove he that will. >> yes, absolutely. i think what is happening now will have reprecautions in the south, particularly. they have been up to see what is going on now and once that
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wound has been opening up, with the sought increasingly, since 2011, and the events of the last 24 hours and certainly today will only increase that, once you open it up you can't close it again, and the sudden issue was the other issue that was never addressed in the national dial up conference, and the houthis issue was that also the southern issue and it hasn't been dealt with. >> this has a potential to escalate. do you see the risk of that and what shape do you think it could take. >> certainly you know, saudi arabia has always had a long running influence as they see it the houthies backfire, so often people jump on this the say they knew it was a proximity conflict between the two of coursely a lot more complicates than that, but the reprecautions of this are pretty strong, ba us the money
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has been frozen from saudi arraignsaudiarabia which means the government to longer has money to pay the military, and the 70 service and it really meant that that economic collapse that has been coming to yemen was a much greater risk and was eminent, within weeks now. and that's not going to change. now the houthies have an even stronger place and control in power journalist who has covered yemen extensively thank you. now, leaders from 21 countries have pet in london to try to find a way to deal with the islamic state the u.s. secretary of state u.k. foreign secretary, and iraq's prime minister led discussions they have agreed to increase their support that includes more training for iraqi soldiers. simon mcgregorwood has more. >> the conference was designed to take stock of the international coalition fight
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against isil. five months after it began. over 20 ambassadors from the id manile east and europe, hosted by the british and earn manies. just two weeks after the shootings in paris. >> they talked about how to address the consequences how to rebuild and strengthen the iraqi military, and how to stop the reutement of foreign fightingerses a real worry for the europeans. >> we need to identify people that are at risk of trying to go to syria and iraq, and intervene as quickly as we can and divert them away. >> this was an attempt to show unity of purpose. all agree this is a long haul, and it is now a global challenge. >> this effort will take time. it will require focus but we will succeed. >> this international coalition against isil has now launched more than 2,000 air strikes against it.
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and it's been forced back on to the defensive but everyone knows ground troops will ultimately have to confront it's fighters to retake all the land that has been lost. and this will be much more difficult. >> he said he came looking for help and had not been disappointed but said the collapse in the price of oil is hurting his economists. we wanted to see a commitment from our coalition partners. to support and stand with iraq i think it was very useful very frank and very open meeting today. >> there was passing mention of the need to fix the underlying political problems, that have created such true tile ground for groups like isil. oil revenues like does commended for it's reforms but more needs to be done o.
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am al jazeera, london. >> with us fow in the studio who is the managing director of the foundation, sir welcome to al jazeera in that news conference, we heard british foreign secretary talk about turning the tide against isil did you hear anything that conference that makes you this they will and that they can. >> i think it is always possible that they can but i don't think at the moment we are actually really turning the tide, and we haven't even started doing that, the air strikes are having an impact on their ability to earn revenue from the sales illegal sales of oil etc., but we still haven't got to grips with the whole ideological propaganda to bring in the foreign it fooers and i think unuh till we get to grips with that we are not really going to see any great end roles.
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it is also dins appointing that will take the army another two years to be trained before they can take isil on. woe expensively trained armies and if they are going to capitulate just as it did a year ago. probably the highest number of foreign fightingers and morocco isn't that far behind. one of the things that has made a success of the progression within the region is their ability to bring in people wondering are ideologically indoctrinated from abroad, ready to fight ready to die ready to
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indoctrine plate others. and their ability to do that has been a key measure of success, if we are going to tackle the wars and stop the flowing of foreign fighters, they need to be part of the solution it is interesting obviously, after the attacks on charlie hebdo here in europe, people have been talking about little else. of young people here, have you heard anything that makes you think the government is now changing their tack or taking it more seriously or dealing it with differently. >> i think one thing that our government did wrong was in four years ago they decided that because osama bin laden was thought killed that the whole threat was over, and that there was no longer a need to tackle the narratives tackle the ideology, come back the nonviolent extremist ideas
4:41 pm
and one department was tasked with coming up with that. but what i think is encouraging, i was at the house of ocommons yesterday with a round table and one thing that is becoming more quite clear is that finally our government here in the u.k. is going to publish sometimes soon, a strategy in how to combat this and also we look at other countries like france, etc., better late than never, but they never had thinged like rehabilitation programs for people that have been radicalized. i think the combination of hard power and soft power will be used rather than just legislation, criminality and hard power. >> managing director of the foundation, thank you for sharing your views with us. >> my pleasure. >> al jazeera continues to demand the release of our three colleague whose have been imprisoned for 390 days.
4:42 pm
they are falsely accused of helping the outlawed muslim brotherhood, charges that they deny. an appeals court has ordered a retrial. >> in eastern ukraine, at least seven civilians have been killed and a dozen injuries after an attack on a bus stop in the rebel held city the attack comes as troops withdraw from an airport, an area they have fiercely defended for possibilities. women among the dead. killed as they sat on the tolly bus, to go to work and every kay routine. they called many eand told me my wife was killed. i haven't seen what happened i just came and saw them putting her into a car. his wife's body was now dumped into a van.
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>> out on to the same street the colonel captures in the recent fighting. paraded by pro russian rebels and then satled by civilians. >> pro russia rebels launched attack against ukrainian army positions. what cease fire again? i don't understand, no cease fire, they came and they have to die, push them away, purpose them away. ukraine's prime minister ironically marking unity in kiev had this to say. >> russian terrorist have committed a horrible act and the responsibility of that lays on the russian federation. >> so much blood has been shed since the start of the conflict. particularly here at the
4:44 pm
airport, once the pride of the city now obliterated. uh ukrainian forces battled for months to keep this from falling into the hands of the rebels but they lost too many men. >> a decision was taken to withdraw from the territory of the airport to new positions. fierce fighting continues at this moment, yesterday 16 ukrainian servicemen shell shocked during a fight were captured. >> along the foreign ministers from russia, ukraine, france no break through on troop withdraw but some progress was made. >> there has finally been an agreement that the demashation line will be the line from which heaven weaponry has to be withdrawn. >> there have been statements like these made many times before, pledges by both sides but fighting has continues in
4:45 pm
and around the airport and with that the very real chance that more civilians will be killed al jazeera donetsk. >> greece is building up to it's general election, the final rally for the cities is being held in athens. it's leader is widely expected to win as his left wing parties lead over the ruling conservative party continues to grow in opinion polls. campaigning is due to wrap up, the prime minister will hold his final preelection rally on friday. the latest for us from athens. >> the vast majority of these supporters were voting for someone else what has captain putted this party from 3% of the popular vote to roughly 30% in just three years is that now offered the best hope of extrapolating greece from policies while keeping nit the euro zone.
4:46 pm
i can not offer inning to my children, anything. i live on the charity of friends, i have had one day of work a month for four years it can't go on. why should i vote for these people any more? let's give someone new a try. if they do half of what they say, we'll see a better future. what i know is that i earn 0% of what i used to earn three years ago. the end of the recession has meant nothing for me. we have had our fill of people prompting to renegotiate the debt and nothing has happened. >> many people here expect immediate relief, tax receipts fell sharply, and greece isn't allowed to sell bonds to raise cash. they have promised to spend legal $2 billion supporting the most destitute. they are there are likely to
4:47 pm
remain in place for the foreseeable future. >> european central bank is to inject massive amounts of new money into the euro zone, and the numbers involve redirect examination truly huge. from march, one and a quarter trillion dollars will be released through what is known as quantititive easing, the ecb will create $70 billion every month until at least september offection year, to buy government bonds. now this is aimed at boosting confidence and consumer spend although chrisics say banks and big investors will be the first to benefit. the financial markets rose but the euro fell to it's lowest level in nine years losing more than 2-cents in value after the announcement. adrian has more now on the story from the world economic forum it is mario and not
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politician whose spoke out and pledged to do whatever it took to tame the crisis. now with a stagnant super mario president of the european central bank is betting the house on a 1 trillion euro quantititive easing program. >> reasserting the independent has been a crucial goal. >> question decide pod launch an expanded asset program encompassing the existing purchase programs for backed security and bonds. under this expanded program the combined monthly purchases of public and private sector securities will amount to 60 billion euros. >> but with the euro in decline, the real threat of deflation hanging over the your roan zone, there are serious doubts about how
4:49 pm
effective what is printing money will be. i am sure this will have at margin a positive effect i fear it is not radical enough in foreign, and too late to be transport makessal, and i think the outlook for the economy is still pretty low inflation, and low growth, but at least not quite as low and not quite as low growth as it was if we hadn't had this action. >> the mold move site steps voices that they will share some losses from the bank, it is hoped that the work sod well in the u.s. and u.k. t will provide the much needed capitol for economic group here at the work economic forum, the consensus has been broadly positive. >> so we have this use this instrument.
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fighters 8:00 space, where countries have it, do more paragraph investment particularly, and to welcome the euro zone, going up in the right way helps eastern europe and other countries too. >> it took five years before 1e. could be deemed a success in the u.s., a very different economy to the euro zone, the question is not when europe will feel similar benefits but if indeed this bold move will pay off at all. al jazeera. >> well, sport is next on al jazeera, including the goal from an english nonleague football match which has gone viral.
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hosts australia's ace cup campaign reach the semifinals of the continental competition, up to 47,000 people packed into the stadium as australia swept 2-nil in the quarter finals. the first half saw the chinese hold firm, but once again came to the rescue, straight after the restart, it was the 35-year-old goal, his 8th for the aussies. australia's mixed opponents will be either japan or the uae next tuesday. >> someone asked me yes chelsie, so not bad. >> yeah. >> yeah, the thing is it's instinct and the world cup is probably a fluke and probably a fluke again, but it's never been about me, it is about the team. >> the other sidney finals in
4:53 pm
melbourne. he was certainly the busiest keep per no maritime. so goal less after 90, the game was settled by two goals in each period of extra time. sowee yeah will play iran or iraq in the semifinal. the other two will be decided on friday. two countries with a lot of history between them, they will face each other at and stadium that's following by defending champions against the united arab emritz. 2004 african champions taking control of group b at the cup of nations. they came from behind to complete 2012 winners. they played to a goalless goal in the other group game, with both sides on points, one step closer to a quarter final place. the champions have been showing off their newest
4:54 pm
acquisition, 16-year-old norwegian play maker, they have been described as the next, and he was the target of many top european clubs including barcelona instead it was the teenager for a reported fee of reported three. $5,348. breaking a record, that stood for more than a century. i think lit be quite exciting. it is a dream come true, being able to train with this club is amazing. i am really excited and i want to start training with them. the new club has topped the rich list for the 10th year. real madrid has come top in the survey with $637 millions the study looks at the revenues from the season, and doesn't take into account club debts.
4:55 pm
made the biggest gain going up from to second, thanks to a leap in commercial revenue byron comes third ahead of barcelona last season, despite nothing winning a trophy. world number one wasted no time in booking his spot in the australian open. in an hour and 24 minutes djokovic getting his top. >> in a match against two time grand slam finalist, she finally clenched the first set, went on for a ten go winning streak, 7-5 6-love. >> playing -- i had to get my mind like serena this girl, she is ranked as high as number two in the world and she has been on the tour, and she is a very quality player, she foes what to do. and she knows how to win so i had to kind of snap into that.
4:56 pm
>> the new england patriots coach bill belichick is denying allegations that his team purposely used under inflated footballs in a match that got them through to the 2015 super bowl, the patriots have been accused of cheating and a scandal now named deflate gate. and the nfl is investigating these claims. >> my entire coaching career, i have never talked to any player staff member, about football air pressure. that is not a subject that has ever brought up. to me the footballs are approved by the league and game officials pregame. and we play with what is out there. >> nine time world champion has returned to the world rally champion after an absent of 15 months the frenchman was quick nest the shake down stage.
4:57 pm
he shows in signs of rustness as you can see there, 2014 champion sebastian was third quickest the his just before i go a fantastic goal to show you from a fifth tier. it isability often you get to see a goal of this quality. after this nearly half way line and conference league match the goal has already gone viral and it has been shown as far field as australia. with that it gets back to london. >> thank you very much. and that is it for this news hour, remember that you can find out much more on our website, the al dress of course and you can see our top story there the president of yemen resending amido the political crisis we will have the latest on that and all the analysis coming up in just a few minutes i hope you will be able to join us then bye bye
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4:59 pm
>> sunday night. >> 140 world leaders will take the podium. >> get the full story. >> there is real disunity in the security council. >> about issues that impact your world. >> infectious diseases are a major threat to health. >> "the week ahead". sunday 8:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> protestors are gathering... >> there's an air of tension right now... >> the crowd chanting for democracy...
5:00 pm
>> this is another significant development... >> we have an exclusive story tonight, and we go live... >> one of america's bidding boxes in and fight against terrorism. yemen is teetering on the brink of security, economic, and political collapse. it's inside story. >> hello, i am ray suarez. a collapsing economy and it's